Ino Reproducciones


Tecnologia 1

In INO Reproducciones, we have latest generation technology equipments, completely automated, together with a team of professionals with proved experience, acquired for years; we also offer continuous training with regard to innovations in each department. This makes the process a simple and logical work.

Pre-press Department

Optimised work flows, reception of originals via the Internet in our own FTP, digitalisation in a high resolution, layout, CTP imposition and filming, final tests… all the above developed by a young and specialised team, with a high degree of training, which allows us to offer you a wide range of proposals.

Press Department

We have a total of 9 printing units, which provide us a great flexibility to face the different works and print runs. All the printing process is controlled with the help of a spectrophotometer, which ensures us an optimal quality during the print run, together with the control of the ink densities required by each paper.

In the process we use an ink pumping system, with very large cans, reducing the ecological impact generated by packages and waste.

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